Here are some tips and suggestions to help if your repair is being coordinated with insurance.

  • To tow, or not to tow? Do not drive a car from the scene of an accident if it is leaking fluids, making strange sounds, or there is any interference with the operation of wheels and tires. If you are in doubt as to the operating condition of your car request a tow truck or flatbed car carrier. Your insurance company will pay for the towing. If you intend to drive your car from the scene of a front-end collision, do not try to open your hood. It may be difficult to refasten securely.
  • Get their names and digits – If others are involved in a collision, get the names and addresses from them and possible witnesses. Especially if the possibility of a dispute over fault or negligence exists.
  • It’s your choice – you may select any shop you wish to make the necessary repairs to your vehicle. Even if you need to be towed, you can still choose your repair shop. No one can force you to use a particular shop.
  • Show me the money – You are not required by law to get more than one estimate, though your insurance policy may specifically state a requirement.
  • When quality counts – Remember, there is a significant difference between repair shops. More importantly, there’s a big difference in how a repair might be done. Improper repairs can dramatically affect the value of your vehicle – not to mention the safety of that vehicle to you and your passengers.